Essay about Goals Of Individualized Education Program

Essay about Goals Of Individualized Education Program

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Unfinished Goals of Individualized Education Program(IEP)

Since 2004 No Child Left Behind Act began its presence by creating an Individualized Education Program(IEP). Which implies making accommodations and modifications for students in order to equally be able to be involved in standardized testing.Members of an IEP team include a classroom teacher, counselor, special educator, parent and principals and other depending on each school. Once a year an IEP team joins with the student to create a plan to identify and describe the problem he or she is having. In order to understand the student`s needs the IEP team takes the home environment and classroom setting and also students testing into consideration. The goal is for the student to able to achieve grade level standards and to receive appropriate scores on standardized tests. By the end, the child`s problems should be eliminated. Teachers and school administrators of all schools need to take a greater look at the failing system of the individualized education program(IEP) because of damaging modifications, the absence of parental consent, and underperforming standards.
To start off, teachers and school administrative of all schools need to take a greater look at the failing system of the individualized education program because of damaging modifications. “Reducing learning expectations is usually referred to as a modification or alteration. Unlike accommodations, consistent use of modifications can increase the gap between the achievement of students with disabilities and the grade level expectations”(Candace Cortiella).
I have personally seen and gone through the downside of the modifications educators perceive to improve students learning, but they do not realize...

... middle of paper ... of high school. If it was not for my parents who helped me know when it was time to let go of all of the unnecessary resources. Also, if it was for my special educator and case manager who knew my progress every step of the way and knew how much I tried to not settle for what was expected, I would have probably stayed with an IEP until I was a senior.
IEP`s need to focus more on accommodations and less on modifications. Accommodations made me less stressed about up in coming test. The modifications just made me feel as if I was cheating myself. Having myself seat in the back of the class or in another room to take a test had me more at ease enough but giving me a study guide full of just answers was in helping me in the future.
The goal should be for the student to feel motivated to give 110 percent of them self to their education and not just 40 percent.

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