Essay about The Goals of Christian Counseling

Essay about The Goals of Christian Counseling

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Original Assumptions of Professional Clinical Counseling
At the beginning of the semester, the framework for professional clinical counseling was presented during the class session. The objective was to study what the world calls “counseling” and how it is designed to provide the correct treatment to these people. The professional clinical model calls for a trained professional to handle the catharsis of the client in a controlled environment on the basis of a fiduciary relationship. Deliberate and guided questions are asked from the therapist to encourage catharsis. Once the professional compiles sufficient evidence via resources and intuitivism, a treatment plan would be prescribed. The client has a choice of accepting the treatment or terminating the services; the professional is expected to handle both results. The secular world perceives this professional relationship between the professional and the client as the ideal due to the lack of personal responsibility and emotional attachment. The counselor is expected to remain distant from the client but yet provide services designed to bring about change in the client’s life. The professional is expected to successfully navigate the emotional/physical complications of the client; the professional may refer to the Diagnostic Statistics Manual (DSM) to categorize the cluster of symptoms into a diagnosis. Regular sessions would be recommended in which the client would return to follow up with the professional. Once the client has reached full capacity to complete treatment and accomplish the prognosis, the professional has deemed it necessary to terminate the counseling sessions. All is completed and supervised under the regulation enforced by the State. Evaluating several models o...

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...nd to be in the right spirit once more, interjecting the Truth to break the sinful patterns, and loving them as Jesus did and as the Lord commands us to do.

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