Goals in Computer Programming Essay

Goals in Computer Programming Essay

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The realization that computer programming was not the sole property of engineers at Microsoft came as a tremendous shock. As a rising seventh grader, I was required to buy a TI-83+. On the first day of class, as the teacher taught how to use the calculators for arithmetic and graphing, a rumor reached me that another student had a game on his calculator. A game? I wondered in disbelief, how does that even work? I knew that calculators were for adding, subtracting and complicated math problems. They were definitely not for games. After class, however, I found out otherwise. As the crowd of kids gathered around to see the now famous calculator, I watched as a downloaded version of a Space Invaders game unfolded on the screen. Space Invaders? I was shocked and excited. Finishing my homework quickly became a top priority in order to have time to learn TI-BASIC, the language that could be written directly on the calculator. Within a couple weeks, I had written my own game, a menu based fight where two characters had two options: attack or quit. In reality, it had the entertainme...

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