The Goals And Objectives Of An Expository Essay

The Goals And Objectives Of An Expository Essay

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The goal that seems most important to my work include being able to understand the rhetorical situation as well as persuasive elements which factor into composing an expository essay and actually incorporating these persuasive aspects in my essays whenever I write one. The important objectives to my work that are in line with this goal include being able to explain the rhetorical choices that I might come across as a writer when I construct an essay; and I am also able to discuss very well about the ways in which writing creates and offers knowledge to various types of audiences.
Furthermore, to persuade various audiences in writing, I can effectively employ multiple modalities for instance process analysis, compare/contrast, inform, and identify. Equally important, I am able to debate the ethical consideration that I must take into account as a writer whenever I compose an essay for a certain audience and purpose. I really excelled in the aforementioned objectives and goals and I was able to learn the most from them. For instance, I have learned that a good essay should be constructed with appropriate vocabulary such that the language and wording used are not vulgar, improper or rude to the audience since using such language and wording certainly amounts to failure to consider ethical consideration in writing and the reader may feel offended. I also ensure that the vocabulary is age appropriate.
The goal which stays in my mind the most is without doubt being able to understand academic writing as a revision-based process. Since I consider myself to have achieved this goal satisfactorily, I can properly employ different strategies to generate ideas for writing. Every time I compose an academic essay, I am able to identify a parti...

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.... I use it to narrow topics, find ideas which require to be developed, and identify the hierarchical and logical relationships amongst ideas.
A particular time where I recognized a need to improve in terms of critical thinking was when I was required to write an expository essay. I found some trouble to write this type of essay since I was not really good at formulating a thesis-driven argument for an expository essay at the time. In the upcoming courses, the challenges that I expect include making use of critical thinking strategies in comprehending and writing about the many modalities of texts, and identifying arguments, counter-arguments, as well as evidence in written composition. I will meet these challenges by striving and doing my best to improve my critical thinking in academic writing. I will seek help from peers and other people who are good in these areas.

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