Essay on Goal Setting Theory and Attainment Strategies

Essay on Goal Setting Theory and Attainment Strategies

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Critical to the success of any business is having an organized plan to succeed. Many small businesses especially those that are started ad-hoc or almost by accident, are the guiltiest of not taking the time needed to establish clear objectives for their business. Even in large corporations, there may be an overall corporate mission, but it is not easily translated once middle managers seek to merge the corporate mission into their daily activities. Any business, whether a small entrepreneurial start-up or a one of the fortune 500 companies, will benefit from carving out time to establish a well thought out business plan. A critical component in implementing a successful plan is to put in place specific goals and create a plan on how to achieve them. The strategies to consider are business type or industry; competitor factorization; the availability of human resources; timeline and budget considerations are just a few. A strategic plan which incorporates goal setting and a defined map on how these goals will be attained will set in place the groundwork for a successful business.
Organizational Goals
As discussed there are a variety of different considerations that influence how goals are set, and the participants of this exercise are as important as the outcome. In addition, depending on the organization, an assortment of various goals based on its business philosophy is a consideration. Organization Goals are designed to produce a specific outcome. These goals fall into several different categories: official goals; operative goals; and operational goals (Barnat, 2007). Official goals are publically stated and involve a professionally drafted unified message addressed internally and externally. An example is the Whole Food Market S...

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