Essay on Goal Setting and Overcoming Immunity to Change

Essay on Goal Setting and Overcoming Immunity to Change

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In March, my PSYC class was presented with a challenge - to identify a personal improvement goal and to address this issue using an Immunity to Change map. My lengthy list of personal struggles was quickly narrowed down to one item with focused reflection. My improvement goal was to engage in productive thoughts and behaviors that would provide better time management practices. I was initially looking to improve my behaviors at home so that it would translate into success in all areas of my life including my career. With thoughtful observation and consideration, the Immunity to Change (ITC) map provided a developmentally raw process that continues to help me focus on my improvement goal today. Although I am still working on this goal, this process created more opportunities to make significant development changes above and beyond my initial intentions.
The Immunity to Change Map is an examination of our current actions, thoughts or behaviors that prevent us from developing into a better version of ourselves. This process is not a simple exercise in divulging our behavioral aspirations. The ITC map is an in-depth methodology that highlights several aspects of understanding the issues behind an individual’s lack of success in reaching developmental goals. Once the improvement goal has been established, it is important to identify the counterproductive behaviors that work against the goal. The next step is an acknowledgement of the related personal stresses or issues, called a “worry box.” The worry box are the related fears that keep us from moving forward. Defining the “hidden competing commitments” is next in the process. Kegan and Laskow Lahey (2009) explain hidden competing commitments as items that that aid in our self p...

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... my own definitions on what that means. It is very difficult to reconcile living differently than what is taught to so many people for so many years. This serves as evidence of a developing Self Authoring Mind Order. Regardless of the success or failure of the initial improvement goals, engaging in ITC and CDT is an extraordinary learning experience that surely provides layers of development that reaches beyond our expectations. It has been an amazing journey.


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