Essay on The Goal Of Health Care

Essay on The Goal Of Health Care

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The goal of health care today is to be universal, to be able to speak one common language despite of location, to have interoperability. By doing so less time will be spent on obtaining document and asking the patient redundant question once they move from one location to the next and more time will be spent on actual patient care. By having to focus switch to more patient care it will guarantee more patient satisfaction, faster recovery time and less medical or financial error. The focus of this paper is to gain knowledge of ICD-10 as well as HL7, and see if there is any relation between the two.
ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases. According to Guffy & Duchek, 2012 they are a set of codes that are alphanumeric designations that providers assign to every medical diagnosis and descriptions of symptoms for the patient. 10 just simply means that it is the tenth edition, every state in the U.S will be transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10 which sould of been effective October 1, 2013. (Guffy & Duchek, 2012) state that they are multiple reason for the to swicth to ICD-10. Not only was the U.S the only country that was still using ICD-9, the switch will allow us to communicate more effectively with other countries. We will be ablr to track data in order to measure the quality and safety care, we will be able to better process claims for reimbursement, improve clinical, financial, and administrative performance. The directive by the US Federal Government for ICD-10 compliance has been a major and controversial administrative and financial undertaking for health-care professionals, hospitals and health centers, and insurance companies.
Medical coders will be able to accurately document patient health, leading to more eff...

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...e communication in the field by all who is involve. ICD-10 is looking to promote the accuracy in the coding and billing department so that it can be more precise and accurate. HL7 is looking to improve the overall communication between patients and hospital staff, despite any language barriers. It is built so that if there is a language barrier it will be converted to the language where it can be understood. I also believe that ICD-10 and HL7 complement each other in the sense that with its new found accuracy one document will support the other. For example the notes from the hospital staff from HL7 will and should match the code for the billing in ICD-10. One major factor that they have in common is that where ever the patient go their file will be readily available with no hassle, and without the patient having to carry a load of paper work with them every time.

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