Essay about The Goal Of An Effective Teacher

Essay about The Goal Of An Effective Teacher

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As an educator it is essential for us to have a strong philosophy. Teachers must exemplify clear goals and standards for their students. It is important because students and parents must understand what it is they are trying to accomplish. Teachers must have a strong stance on how to address different learning styles, how to present curriculum, the teachers roles and importance in the learning process, how to effectively manage a classroom, the reasons and goals for education and more. The goal of an effective teacher should be to educate our youth, as well as preparing them to be successful and functioning individuals in society.

To be an effective teacher one must be able to acknowledge different learning styles. A teacher must plan to effectively address visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners so that all students can understand the content of the presented lesson. Visual learners learn through their eyes. They use visual cues such as charts or graphs. If a teacher were lecturing, writing notes on the board would be most helpful for a visual learner. Auditory learners are most effectively taught when something is explained. If a teacher had notes listed on the board, reading them aloud and explaining them would serve an auditory learner best. Kinesthetic learns by doing hands on work. Great teachers do their best to serve all types of learners. A great teacher in chemistry may explain a chemical reaction. They could then write it on the board while still explaining it. Lastly, to address a kinesthetic learner they could do an experiment of that reaction so all students have the best possible opportunity to learn the material that is presented to them.

Effective teachers set effective goals for their students. They hold ...

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...ts. Some are good, and some are very bad. Charter schools are not plausible to be a solution for schools because though they do help a large amount of children, it cannot be on large scale. Private schools usually have the lowest class sizes and are the best for education. However, not all students have the means to be able to afford that education. A solution can only come about, when all teachers get together and put everything aside to do what is best for the students.

Teachers today must have a preffered philosophy and way to do things to allow their students to be successful. Whether a progressivist, a essentialist, or any other type of teacher, the most important thing is committing yourself to help the students learn and become the best individuals they can be. Teachers do not write on the mere inanimate material, but write on the souls of their students.

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