The Goal For Crc Health Group Essay

The Goal For Crc Health Group Essay

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Professional Orientation
Amber K Davis
Mississippi State University

Phase I
As a new graduate from Mississippi State University, I have received my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have planned to relocate to the state, Louisiana, to start my career as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor once I receive my LPC. There are many positions available that I have met the right requirements for in the state of Louisiana that offers a lot of benefits. There is an announcement at CRC Health Group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for an Outpatient Addictions Counselor (“CRC Health Group Inc.,” 2014). The goal for CRC Health Group is to provide treatment programs for adults and youth who are struggling with chemical dependency, eating disorders, obesity, behavioral problems, pain management, and or learning disabilities. For over thirty years, the CRC Health Group has provided excellent treatment and care to the clientele and continue to set higher standards in behavioral health care (“CRC Health Group Inc.,” 2014).
The job position will require me to assist patients to reach their treatment goals, prepare current progress reports, maintain accurate records for each client to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, to coordinate and cooperate with local agencies and organizations to further treatment for all the clientele, and to provide paperwork to clients, probation and parole departments, and courts (“CRC Health Group Inc.,” 2014). After attending Mississippi State University and receiving my license, I will meet all the following requirements for this job.
Although a salary was not included in the job description, the CRC Health Group does offer a benefits package to ...

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