Essay about Goal Directed Nursing: A Personal Framework

Essay about Goal Directed Nursing: A Personal Framework

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After graduating from nursing school with my associate degree, I began working as an emergency room nurse in a level one trauma center in East Texas. It has been 19 years now and I continue to work in emergency care. I now work in a smaller, yet still very busy emergency room. In the past, I have worked in many capacities, and now I am a staff nurse and work a peak hours shift, therefore I am busy the entire 12 hour shift, which I thoroughly enjoy. I precept new employees and students, and I am an instructor for TNCC. I care for patients that are critically ill or injured and also for those who only have minor complaints, and everything in between. I find satisfaction in caring for all levels of patients. Each patient no matter if their complaint is minor or life threatening they have come to me for help and I try and deliver the care they need. Emergency nursing is challenging in that there is always something new to learn and when you think you have seen it all, you will see something new. My relationships with my patients are brief, but I try and deliver the care that the patient needs as efficiently as possible. I feel it is important to interact with them, identify goals and react with care that will help them work towards the goals. If the patient is unable to identify their health goals due to illness then it is up to me to work with family and the physician to determine their goals.
I approach each patient in a systematic, goal directed fashion. I want my patients to be confident in my skills and knowledge and in order to attain that; I interact and communicate with my patient to identify their perception of their situation and share with them the steps needed to care for them and set goals to attain their opti...

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