Gmos Should Be Avoided At All Cost Essay

Gmos Should Be Avoided At All Cost Essay

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Through the centuries, the creation of artificial and modified life has become more and more common. In particular, scientists have shifted their focus of modification to everyday foods. Any food products that have been altered as such at the gene level are called GMOs, which stands for genetically modified organisms. For quite some time companies have used GMOs in foods for many reasons. Some benefits of GMOs are increased crop harvest, reduced cost for food and drug production and resistance to pests and disease. However there are numerous serious downsides to the technology, which caused mass controversy within the public. Although there are both positive and negative effects to using GMOS, there are many more cons to the public in regards to health when consuming GMOS. It is imperative that GMOs should be avoided at all cost.
In terms of economy and sustainability, GMOs seem to have a positive effect in our community. “Globally, farmers choosing to grow GMOs have seen net economic benefits at the farm level amounting to $18.8 billion in 2012 and $116.6 billion between 1996 and 2012” (“Biotech Grassroots Toolkit”). This seems to argue that the technology of GMOs may be considered a no-brainer with big conglomerates, as they can turn a profit with their genetically modified products. Producers of GMO foods also claim that “They require less water and fewer chemical applications than conventional crops, and they are better able to survive drought, weeds, and insects. With larger, more reliable harvests, studies show that certain food products (corn, soybeans, and derivatives) would cost 6 to 10 percent more if biotechnology was not available” (“Biotech Grassroots Toolkit”). Statistics as such show how GMOs highly increase capita...

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...cide resistant plants would call for more physical labor and other problems for the environment around them. Thus further reinforcing the fact that GMOs are a technology better left unused.
All evidence considered, GMOs are no technology to be reckoned with, having such horrid outcomes to human health. While food companies using GMOs claim it is beneficial to society and earn more money using the technology. There is no way around the research and statistics throughout different nations. Similar to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, which in this case is the conglomerates, makes artificial life and lets it roam the earth. While being a beneficial accolade to him in creating life, it would go on to destroy the lives of others, such as GMOs destroy humans. Which proves in all cases artificial life is not to be taken lightly as the effects can horrifying.

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