Gmos : Just Good Or Just Bad? Essay

Gmos : Just Good Or Just Bad? Essay

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2014 GMOs: Just good or just bad?
Fishes with cow genes; vegetables with pig genes; corn with bacterial genes; and salmon with human genes. Are these possible? Absolutely. Have you consume it? Maybe. According to the section of the World Health OrganizationBy permanently detaching the genetic material from one organism and inserting it into the genetic code of another, a variety of organisms that would not emerge naturally in the environment are created in laboratories. According the book Genetically engineered food: A self up to 40% of U.S. corn is genetically engineered (GE), as are 81% of soybeans and 73% of cotton (Cummins and Lilliston 13) . As a result, processed food also contains products that have being genetically modified. For example some of the products on supermarket shelves such as baby foods, baking mixes, breakfast cereals, infant formula, papayas, dairy products and squash (Cummins and Lilliston 13). However, despite the fact that genetically modified organisms presents a potential risks to the human health, farmers, environment and wildlife, they are not being adequately tested for possible damage. While there has not been a substantial amount of research that establishes that genetically modified products are undeniably harmful, that is not an excuse to ignore the present of the potential risks. Genetically modified food goes form laboratories, to supermarket shelves, to kitchens and they will and eventually end on lunch boxes of children. As a result new laws should be pass in order to ensure that genetically modified are safe to consume.
The tactic that many agricultural companies uses in order to convince farmers to grow GE, is that first they will benefit of a greater yield and a...

... middle of paper ...

...t is safe to consume.
One may think that by having different agencies working to ensure the food that is sell in the market there is a great relieve, however when regulating the safety and production of genetically modified organisms it actually affected it in a negative way. This is because the agencies even when are related in terms of the kind of regulations that they implement are disconnected form one another. According to center for food safety, federal regulations are contradictory and uncoordinated between agencies, are almost their own choice, and are full of gaps, letting genetically engineered foods on the market without independent testing for risks to human health or the environment (Center for food safety: regulations). This issue makes the solid establishment of regulations on the production and distribution of genetically modified food much harder.

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Gmos : Just Good Or Just Bad? Essay

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