Gmos Are Good Or Bad? Essay examples

Gmos Are Good Or Bad? Essay examples

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Everyday, Americans eat approximately 2,000 pounds of food a year. A substantial amount of Americans eat plenty of foods that contain GMOs. Today, there are many controversies about whether GMOs are good or bad. GMOs are in fact a great advancement in today’s society, of course there will always be people who object to it. Something that might be almost guaranteed is that a majority of Americans have no idea what the consumption of GMO product can do to one’s body. Something that all Americans should ask themselves is, “What happens if I eat foods that contain GMOs”. Many think that since they had it once, and nothing happened, then the issue isn’t a big deal. There are in fact many terrifying consequences of putting GMOs in foods, not just for Americans, but for the environment also.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are exclusive organism whose genes are altered by geneticists to improve the quality of the product. Back in 1973 Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer combined their research in order to create the very first successful recombinant DNA organism. Nine years later, the U.S Food and Drug Administration approved the first genetically engineered drug, then tests of genetically engineered plants were conducted. In 1992, The FDA declared that GMOs aren’t dangerous and therefore doesn’t need any special regulation. In the past few years, GMOs have heightened concerns because they are saving people from starving, making greater yields, and helping increase the nutrition of foods.
GMOs are made by taking a plant and changing their genetic makeup by taking DNA from another plant and adding it to that plant. Doing this changes the characteristics of that plant, and this can make the plant become more resistant to disease, pe...

... middle of paper ...

...n years after the consumption of these types of foods.
GMOs aren’t 100% horrible, but it can be improved in many different ways. Some ways that GMOs can be regulated are by first finding the crops that are at great risk. Doing this will show which crop can actually harm humans or the environment and generate ways to take care of them. A big thing that has to be done is a research should be conducted about what GMOs can potentially do to humans in the long run, doing this the side effects of GMOs can be known, and ways can be formulated to take care of the effects. As of right now, Americans need to be educated on what GMOs actually are and what they are consuming. Knowing this, they will be able to distinguish between which foods are genetically modified and which aren’t. With a further advancement of genetic engineering, GMOs can be regulated to a specific amount.

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