Gmo : Good Or Bad? Essay

Gmo : Good Or Bad? Essay

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GMO’s: Good or Bad?
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are one of the most important issues in the world today. GMOs are organisms that have had their genetic DNA altered for improvements in productivity and quality. Their pros and cons to those who consume them and the economy around them have been weighed heavily for years, with no true answers coming to the surface. With the widespread science of GMOs becoming more abundant, people should know the truth behind what is being done to their food before consumption, to then form their own opinions. However, all bias aside, GMOs do cause harm in many ways, but while benefiting the world in many ways.
The great promise in the use of GMO technology does not only benefit farmers, but benefits the largely increasing population around the world. One main reason that GMOs are a good idea is because farmers can create plants that are resistant to weeds, pests, and other diseases that affect crops daily. For example, the most widely grown and most important grain in the United States, corn. Corn does not have the ability to reproduce without the aid of humans, and like many other crops, corn is vulnerable to many diseases and pests. Adding chemicals to corn that make them resistant to the many contaminations on a field, the corn can grow and prosper while collecting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Not only can GMOs be non vulnerable to pests, weeds, and diseases, but certain modifiers can cause plants to grow with “better texture, flavor, and nutritional value,” longer shelf life in stores, and bigger sizes overall(Overview). These changes will generate foods that catch the eye of buyers and keep them coming back for more, which is a goal of all farmers and produce companies. These bene...

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... that the world’s population today is rapidly growing. However, I do feel like the use of them should be contained in one area so other organisms don’t become exposed to the chemicals that could potentially be harmful to them. GMOs are serious, and therefore need to be used correctly and carefully, but should in fact be used.
The pros and cons of Genetically Modified Organisms are somewhat equal. There are both benefits and harm done to the environment when GMOs are used, and the same situation is true for the plants and animals they are used on. Information on the true effects of GMOs should be released, therefore people know what they are consuming and the affects that they have on their body. With all of the information, people should be allowed to form their own opinions on the use of GMOs and choose whether or not they wish to continue to use or consume them.

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