Gm Food Can Solve The World Hunger Problem Essay

Gm Food Can Solve The World Hunger Problem Essay

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Food is one of the elementary demands of life. With the rapid development of society, higher productivity and greater quantity of food are required. Therefore, scientists create genetically modified food to satisfy people’s needs. Genetically modified food (GM food), which can be defined as food introduced into else DNA using the methods of genetic engineering, has its bright side and dark side. Some people are confident that GM food can solve the world hunger problem. However, from my own perspective, GM food has several drawbacks related to its safety and environmental pollution, which cannot be ignored. This is to say, the shortcomings of GM food outweigh its merits. To substantiate this position, this essay will analyse the demerits of GM food in health and environment as well as explain the limited role GM food plays in solving the hunger problem.

One of the most important issues is its potential risk to health and safety human and animal. First of all, there is no solid proof which can certify that GM food is a hundred-percent safe. Since the first genetically modified tomatoes were consumed in the mid-1990s, there has been no consistent experimental data on whether GM food is harmful to human body; therefore, the safety of GM food should be considered questionable. By way of illustration, de Vendômois, Roullier, Cellier and Séralini (2009) did an experiment using three different types of GM Corn to feed rats for only 90 days and came to a conclusion that adverse impacts on the functions of organs, especially the liver and kidney, cannot be ignored. To put it another way, it seems clear that GM food needs to be tested for a long duration to prove its safety. Furthermore, some scientists argue that GM food may be toxic. Thi...

... middle of paper ... as unfair distribution of social wealth and political instability. Even if GM food is greatly expanded, large masses of people worldwide may still suffer from starvation due to these factors. This is supported by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations[FAO], 2011), which mentions that food on earth is enough for everyone, but millions of people cannot afford the expense because of poverty.

From what has been discussed above, no matter whether GM food is accepted, the drawbacks of GM food outweigh its benefits: the potential negative impacts on the human body; the adverse effects on the environment and the limited effect on alleviating world hunger. From these arguments, it is clear that further research on GM food should be conducted, and governments and relevant organizations should do more investigation to guide the proper use of GM food.

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