Essay on The Glorious Stradivari Revolution

Essay on The Glorious Stradivari Revolution

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Antonio Stradivari is known by many as one of the greatest luthiers of all time. The question at hand is, “why?” From as early as the beginning of the 1700’s, Stradivari was well known in the music world. His instruments have been reproduced in order to fool consumers into buying something that looks like a Strad. There are also luthiers that try to replicate Stradivari’s design for their own satisfaction. Antonio Stradivari’s instruments have become socially and technically popular over time due to his superior craftsmanship, and for others, their large price tag.
Antonio Stradivari was born in Bergamo Italy, 1644. In his youth he lived in Cremona Italy, where he became the apprentice of Nicolo Amati. He had married twice, the first in 1667 with a woman named Francesca, whom he had six children with. His first son only lived for six days, while the rest later became priests or apprentices of Stradivari. Francesca then died in 1698. Soon after, Stradivari remarried in 1699 to a woman named Antonia. Antonia and Stradivari had four children, two of which had died. Stradivari bought a home in Piazza Roma; this is where Stradivari carried out his work as a luthier with his sons at his side as apprentices. In 1737, Stradivari died and was buried in the church of San Domenico in Cremona where his family had originated.
A luthier is defined as a creator and maker of stringed instruments. Stradivari’s main focus was perfecting violins, but he would occasionally branch out to violas and cellos which are much rarer to find today. Through his life as a luthier he slowly began perfecting his craft. It all started with a person named Nicolo Amati. Amati lived in Cremona just as Stradivari did. When Stradivari was a young...

... middle of paper ..., was to shave some wood.

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