Essay about Globalization 's Effect On Culture

Essay about Globalization 's Effect On Culture

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Globalization effects many aspects of the world including trade and investment that is fueled by governments, societies and their people.
However, globalization also effects the culture living within these societies.
John Tomlinson, Director of the Centre for Research in International Communication and Culture, Nottingham Trent University, UK, said globalization is an expansion of social ties across the planet, or "complex connectivity.”
As Tomlinson mentioned in his article, Globalization and Culture Identity, who we are as a society changes when we travel, speak to different people, experience new things and interact with other societies outside of our own. This concept translates to globalization’s effect on culture as well. Through trading, investments and interaction, globalization aides countries in working together, or sometimes not. While globalization doesn’t always have positive aspects, it’s important to note that regardless, it has dramatically effected culture and has encouraged societies to build upon their culture.
Tomlinson argues that there are two sides to globalization’s effect on culture. “Globalization, far from destroying it, has been perhaps the most significant force in creating and proliferating cultural identity,” but contrary, Tomlinson writes that through a standardized version of cultures that has been distributed all over the world because of globalization, it can create weaker cultures that become vulnerable. “Thus the economic vulnerability of these non-western cultures is assumed to be matched by a cultural vulnerability. Cultural identity is at risk everywhere with the depredations of globalization, but the developing world is particularly at risk.”
Globalization’s effect on culture and soc...

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...nto McDonalds or Subway while traveling abroad— they are taking the true experience and knowledge away from themselves that accompanies travel.
This exact concern was a topic of discussion in 2003 when Radley Balko coined the term, the “Walmart Effect,” that would take historic cities around the world and bombard them with big box companies like McDonalds or Walmart with billboards advertising Coca-Cola.
Balko argued that “Detractors say consumers get less choice, and that because stores like Wal-Mart are national chains, they buy goods at a national level, and so local producers of goods suffer too, and soon entire communities lose their identity to mega corporations. We 've become a ‘Gap nation,’ they say.”
When big box companies invade historic countries or cities, they take away that country’s culture and make it harder for the local business owner to survive.

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