Globalization: Poverty and Equality Essay

Globalization: Poverty and Equality Essay

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There is no topic in present international relations that attracts more noise than the concept of globalization. This is because of its deep controversial nature. Many scholars argue that advocates of globalization argue that it allows poor countries and their citizens to develop economically and raise their standards of living, while antagonists of it contend that the creation of an unregulated international free market has profited multinational corporations in the Western world at the expense of local enterprises, local cultures, and common people.
In the words of Dr. Nayef, globalization is not a single concept that can be defined and covered in a set time frame, nor is it a process that can be defined clearly with a beginning and an end. Additionally, it cannot be developed upon with confidence and be applicable to all people and in all situations. It involves economic incorporation; the transfer of policies across borders; the transmission of knowledge; cultural stability; the reproduction, relations, and discourses of power. It is a global process, a concept, a revolution, and an establishment of the global market free from sociopolitical controlled. Nayef argues that many authors have attempted, with comparative success, to define globalization in a variety of ways. Some scholars claim that it cannot be done; others claim that it would restrain the meaning to do so, and still others have challenged these two beliefs and have constructed a working definition.

Some scholars blame the inequities of the international community on globalization. They argue that poor countries are exploited by the wealthier nations. Con...

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...small village, and at the same time is bad as it has grown the gap between the rich and the poor: in that the rich states manipulate the poor states and take up strategies that ensure dependency and manipulation.

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