Globalization on New Companies and Small Buisness Essay

Globalization on New Companies and Small Buisness Essay

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​When we look at international business today we can obviously notice that companies all around the globe trying to expand their business as more as they can. When some company runs some business, they are relatively weak at the start point. As firm passing trough the process of growing, they must survive all the threats and traps on that road. We can say that the most risky and hardest job to do when new company starting with some business is surviving that first period of probably a year or two. At the start point every businessman trying to go through that process step by step, so for example; if we plan to open some tourist agency, the first thing we gone do is, to check the geographic area for that kind a job, of course there is no sense to open a tourist agency somewhere in central Croatia in some village. Every person who entering at that kind of a job will think about to open that agency somewhere on the Dalmatian coast, or probably in some bigger city. Globalization, removing state barriers, attenuation of state sovereignty, creating free trade agreements all around the world is a sign that the world is going trough the process of the new world order. Today is a much different situation with business all around the world then it was before twenty or thirty years ago. Because of all that free trade area zone and expanding the world economy, we came into the situation that you probably won't survive that risky period if you are opening some small family business. It is very hard to stay on the right road and make some profit if you are working alone, and especially if you have some small business as I said before. It is very sad that you must run your business on an international scale to even get a chance to grow your...

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.... It is usually used method for mislead the people called Problem-reaction-solution, If you want to change something in the state and peple dont want that, then you just follow the formula. Lets take example of entering in the European union, first when you mention people dont need and want something like that, but then we create bigger problem, economic colapse, crisis, depresion and similar activities and we told people that EU is our only hope, or we can stay like three times worse Yugoslavia. And then after spreading that word through the private media, and after repeating enough time people start to beleive in that, and finally we enter in the EU. It must be admited that someone was very clever when is calculating how to deceive the public opinion. I think that I said everything that I want and I really hope that this will be fine because my back are killing me.

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