The Globalization Of Modern Organizations Essay example

The Globalization Of Modern Organizations Essay example

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1.0: Introduction
The globalisation of modern organizations has created the needs for accountants to be good leaders and managers in order to enhance their performances. This internalization of business organization has necessitated accounting and finance professionals to improve on their non-accounting skills. Moreover, there is an increasingly demand on accounting and finance professionals by government and businesses to intervene in the global downturn in economy. (accessed 23/11/14)
These challenges require aspiring accountants and financial specialists to be adequately equipped themselves with leadership and management skills. Gaining management and leadership skills would help accountants to discharge their duties efficiently and effectively.
The role of accounting and finance department in an organization is to strategically utilise the organization’s scarce resources efficiently and effectively in order to achieve business objectives. This implies that people working in accounting and finance must possess strong leadership and management skills.
All accountants and financial specialists are potential business leaders because of the responsibilities and nature of the profession. It is therefore important for accountants wishing to improve their career to know and understand different leadership and know when to apply them.

Bennis and Goldsmith (2003), believe that good manager must concentrate on doing things right while good leader should be focused on doing the right things and must have vison and innovative.
Gardiner sees managers as the people who hold a directive post in an organization, a person who organizes f...

... middle of paper ...

...oyees motivation as they are involved in the process of decision making that concern them.
However, the management or leadership style adopted by an organization depends on the structure, culture, size and nature of the organization.
Leaders tend to be autocratic when they make decisions solely on their own without involving the employees. Autocratic leader takes total control in decision-making process, (dictator). After sometime, employees get demotivated in working in that type of work environment since they are not participated in process of decision-making that concern them and hence leads to low morale and poor performance.
Albrecht, Slack & American Accounting Association (2000), urged educators to focus on teaching more critical-thinking skills rather than more content. 7736638 characteristics-shoul-accountant.html accessed 23/11/2014

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