Essay on The Globalization Of International Relations

Essay on The Globalization Of International Relations

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The Globalization of International Relations
The discourse as regards to effects of globalization and global entities on cultural diversity presents a challenging debate. Advanced technology dissolves the international boundaries while opening cultures to an entire new arena where globalization can occur. Globalization empowers entities as it connects the world, supports economic developments, and enables information availability. Cultural diversity and globalization forms two different perspectives: globalization can enable mobilization and empowerment of people through self-representation, provide employment opportunities, and support collective identity by socialization; globalization has the potential of disempowering people through misrepresentation, providing a path for some elements of colonization, and enhancing loss of individualism, team and self-identity (MacBride & Roach, 2000).
Alberto in Across the Wire examines how life in Latin America has an effect on the way people live and how the region is able to interact on a global scale. He describes the way of life in Latin America and especially in “the Borderland” that is envisaged by orphanages, garbage dumps and “pig villages’ as described by Alberto. The region is considered as being inhabited by the poorest of the poor who precariously cling to the underside of the Third World. Alberto explains the life in this border land and reflects on how people conduct their activities in the pages of Across the Wire. For instance, a missionary working for a ministry around the borderlands says, "Everything happens here on Saturday nights…….anything you can imagine. Everything.” (Luis, 2010). Alberto insists on writing with raw clinical detail and unflinching candor about the wo...

... middle of paper ... America is a critical issue due to the dynamics involved in political, social, and economic backgrounds. Alberto does his investigative analysis and gives a report on how many people are poor while outlining the key areas that have contributed to the poor state.
In conclusion, Alberto is still optimistic on pushing for more equality and empowerment in Tijuana. Empowerment will result to economic growth and further uplifting of people’s lives. He refuses to abandon hope of despair as he preaches with his life experiences. The book Across the Wire is therefore intended to enlighten the global world on how life can be in some parts of this world and the key contributors to such poor life. His report is intended to make the public reflect on the contributions each person can make in whatever region they can be in by playing a key role in alleviating poverty.

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