The Globalization Of Eating Disorders Essay

The Globalization Of Eating Disorders Essay

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“The Globalization of Eating Disorders” written by Susan Bordo describes the foundation of eating disorders from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, including males. Bordo describes that eating disorders are becoming a more of a current issue, than ever. Stemming from western media images that are now readily available to access from anywhere in the world. As an entire society, we cannot continue to allow younger generations to be susceptible to developing eating disorders. By first addressing that eating disorders have been an ongoing problem that will inevitably spiral out of control worldwide. Afterward can attempt to discover strategies of how to effectively handle this epidemic, before we lose more people to this terrible tragedy. Furthermore, by solving the problem of eating and body disorders due to media images, we can create a more tolerable and accepting world for future generations to come. The author showed a brilliant use of the rhetorical triangle by using examples, other works on eating disorders and pulls the reader in by having them to visualize a girl who has eating and body disorders.
Eating disorders are not only vast in American Society, but in secluded areas such as Fiji. Before the addition of, television, in particular, eating disorders were oblivious in Fiji, according to Anne Becker an anthropologist. However, soon after the introduction of television “11 percent of girls reported vomiting to control weight and 62 percent of the girls surveyed reported dieting” (640). Eating disorders have also spread to areas in Africa as well. In various African cultures, being skinny is not a beautiful quality, it is related to individuals who are either unhealthy or impoverished. “We have hips. We have bu...

... middle of paper ... the rhetorical appeals effectively throughout the article. By reinforcing the main effects of media images, such as eating and body disorders. Taking the reader to various parts of the globe proves to the audience that eating and body disorders are not just a problem in our backyard, but a global epidemic. Bordo proves to her trust and knowledge by telling the reader about books, and articles formerly written on the subject. She expresses that while she knows about eating disorders, she doesn’t have a perfect answer. Bordo is human like anyone else, and that’s another reason the reader can relate. Having the audience to visualize a scenario of a girl with eating disorders, and proving that it has already had a huge impact on our world, persuades us to agree on the topic. Therefore, moving forward to find strategies to help solve this crisis before it is too late.

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