Essay about The Globalization Of China And India As A Result Of Globalization

Essay about The Globalization Of China And India As A Result Of Globalization

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Globalization is an interconnection between person-to-person, local-to-local, and nation-to-nation through various ways such as trade, culture, commerce, and communication. There are couples of aspects of globalization to notice such as political, cultural, environmental, and social, but specifically, this essay will be focused on economic dimension of globalization. Furthermore, this essay will conduct a research on Chinese economic growth and Indian economic growth as a result of globalization. Likewise, this paper will compare economic growth between China and India as a result of globalization. Furthermore, it will touch to both countries history of globalization and compare to their today’s globalization. As well as, it will show few other countries economic growth due to globalization.
Globalization is not a modern phenomenon, but it started a thousand years ago. In chapter two of book The Globalization Reader, author Amartya Sen shows a timeline of early globalization. He discusses arguments regarding globalization. As the book mention, one of the controversial issues was whether or not globalization is a new western curse. In present, people think globalization started from the west and eventually expanded throughout the east. However, the author of the chapter “How to Judge Globalization” Amartya Sen clarifies that globalization is not necessarily western, but it was located far from the west. One reason that globalization did not start from the west was that thousands of years ago, China, India, and Arab countries developed the technologies, the idea of mathematics, and science before it was adapted and extensively developed by Europeans. Many of us believe science, technology, and mathematics were invented in Europe, ...

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...h adaptation of globalization. However, some evidence shows that India is still economically behind than China. There are various reasons of India being behind in the global market than the China. Some reasons could be that India is democratic country, which need approval of most ministers for any specific global proposals, whereas, China is a communist country and China does not have to go though all democratic processes. Likewise, India started reforming only after 1990s, but China started reforming during 1978, therefore, China is economically ahead of India. Furthermore, China is very opened to the idea of globalization and they are wiling to adopt foreign technological changes. In the context of India, they are traditionally reserve than the Chinese. Lastly, together both countries are taking advantage of globalization, but in different level acceptance.

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