Essay on Globalization Is An Unusual Or Recent Phenomenon

Essay on Globalization Is An Unusual Or Recent Phenomenon

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Globalization is not an unusual or recent phenomenon. For centuries, people have

witnessed “the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an

interconnected and interdependent world with free transfer of capital, goods, and services

across national frontiers”(Business dictionary). During the Middle Ages, for example,

merchants were trading goods and travelling along the Silk road, which connected Europe

to China. Thanks to those trades, tea was introduced in Europe in the 16th

became part of the English culture as soon as the 17th

has been moving at a faster pace. Thanks to advanced technologies and the omnipresence

of the Internet, it is far easier to communicate as well as reaching more markets for

businesses. However there is a growing debate over globalization.

Some people fear that globalization will gradually erase entirely the many cultural identities

around the world. We will discuss in this essay to what extent I agree with

that statement by outlining the advantages and drawbacks of globalization relating to cultural


century. Since 1980, globalization

First of all, we should have a look at the most discussed benefit of globalization: free

trade. Free trade has numerous benefits for economies and consumers. Consumers enjoy a

greater choice of goods and services, since foreign companies can easily offer their products

for sale. They also benefit from lower overall prices for goods, as a greater variety of goods

for sale increase competition and drives prices down. An example of a free trade agreement is

the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allows Mexico, Canada, and the

United States to exchange products and services without...

... middle of paper ...

...007, p 117). Indeed, many critics of

globalization feel that the free movement of labour has resulted in the weakening of specific

cultures in favour of greater economic and cultural hegemony.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that globalization is an unstoppable process that

have many advantages as well as many drawbacks. It had open barriers to trades of goods

and people and up scaled connections between countries in different cultural aspects. In

my opinion, it is primordial to embrace this movement and take very advantages that it

offers. Although, countries should promote their own cultural particularities in order that the

hegemony of this Universal trend will not crush regional cultures. Globalization should not

only be driven by profit but also by the first idea of the term that is a partnership of free trade

between every countries.

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