Essay about Globalization Has Global Benefit And Cause For Concern

Essay about Globalization Has Global Benefit And Cause For Concern

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Globalization has global benefit and cause for concern. A few of the global benefits are more efficient markets, increased competition, stabilized security and more wealth equality throughout the world.

More efficient markets is what the economy and the country should looking and hoping for. An efficient market help the country to see that there is a gesture that the market is working. If the market is working then there is a stability between what the sellers are willing to sell and what the buyers are willing to buy. By improving the product many companies can outsource their product to another company and they can offer a discounts, or a lower cost to make their product. By selling your products at a lower cost can help with demand and and making the product more affordable for the consumer. If the company can’t lower their costs, there is other conditions they can under take. Taking on more investments that will expand their business, and help make more profit, or can lead to increasing their wages.

Another benefit is increased competition, any sign of competition is a good sign for economy. One thing to look for is for multiple manufacturers that have the same type of business and have a good standing in the economy. It’s a clue to the consumers that the quality of products and services will increase because of the competition. Each company will what the consumers business, in order to achieve that they have to have the best product or service on the market. Many companies will start to look overseas to expand their business, and when they do they help introduce new standards, new producers to the global market. They also help the consumers have more choice in what they would like. With the increased competition, compa...

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...hem. Because of the oil supply and the cost, developing countries are able to price the oil higher than the developed countries.

Another globalization concern is the transfer of jobs from a developed countries to less developed countries. Globalization make it hard for developed countries to complete because of the even playing field. With a lower cost structure it leads to low wage and small benefits for the workers. A another thing that globalization can transfer is investing spending from developed countries to less developed countries. The shift can change the balance between the investment and the consumption between. With Globalization affecting prices, jobs, resources, it can lead to the change of the economy and how much the dollar is actually worth.

In addition globalization influences taxation away from corporations, and more on the individual citizens.

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