Globalization Focus Group Exercise : The Best Interpretive Metaphor Essay

Globalization Focus Group Exercise : The Best Interpretive Metaphor Essay

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Globalization Focus Group Exercise
The best interpretative metaphor to describe the outcome of my focus group is. Fire, it can do wonderful things. When handled with care and kept under a close and watchful eye it can make life better and easier than without it. However, when left unchecked, fire can grow to become out of control, and cause people and things to get burned and destroyed. Globalization is a lot like fire; it can help the world, but just as easily destroy it. Globalization knows no boundary, and is its own sovereign capitalistic epidemic; making it imperative that the first world take responsibility for keeping control of Globalization, and not allow it to destroy the social, political, and economic framework of the world.
In my focus group of 3 people I noticed that they all share similar stances on globalization and viewpoints of what the social, political and economic futures of what the world will look like. There was a unanimous belief that as the world continues to progress and develop there’s a forming ideology that the world is getting flatter. Ultimately meaning that it is getting easier and easier to share information, ideas, technology and resources across borders than it ever has been before. This fueled the discussion that globalization is capable of being either a benefit or destructive force to society. Yet, that is all depending on the function of globalization in each country and its level of control by the global capital forces that support it.

The common belief in my group was that globalization is the function by which transnational western industries open the world’s economy to one mass grouping of producers and consumers. It gives these large multinational business accesses to regional ma...

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...ictions. Without globalization the world will only become more unbalanced and the gap in economic diversity will grow, with globalization that is monitored countries can level the economic diversity of the world and better the livelihoods of billions of people.
In the end it is up to the people of every nation to decide if globalization is worth it because it is the people who elect the politicians that choose to open the markets that enable globalization to share its open market ideology with the world! People are diverse and globalization lets diversity of nations cross borders to be shared with the world. Man shared fire and it gave us access to food, warmth, and infinite technology. Man is sharing globalization and it can give us global equality and wealth. Both can destroy the world if not respected, but both can save the world if properly utilized and managed.

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