Globalization: Disjuncture in the Global Cultural Economy Essay

Globalization: Disjuncture in the Global Cultural Economy Essay

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The idea of globalization includes a variety of different aspects of economic, political, and societal life. In order to question of whether or not globalization has a progressive or downbeat influence in our contemporary world, we should look at different perspectives of component of globalization. According to Marx and Engels, globalization can be raised from capitalism, which a class struggle between who own the means of production and those who work for a wage exist. Throughout a development of cooperative resist on the part of groups of people with similar economic situations, they argue that capitalism brings optimistic and pessimistic impacts into our modern society. Correspondingly, in the article “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy,” Arjun Appadurai agrees with Marx and Engels’ argument on the cause of globalization, yet somewhat disagrees on a process of globalization producing cultural dominance over one another. As both of the readings convey the accomplishment and failure of globalization by highlighting on its national and international specificity, diverse ways in which the global assimilation indicates people within different traditional, economic, and social contexts are illustrated, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of their arguments. Moreover, Robeson Taj Frazier’s concept of globalization in his article “China’s Chocolate Girl Wonder: Lou Jing and Anti-Black Racism” can be connected to Appadurai’s idea of disjuncture flows through an example of Lou Jing’s nationality as a Black Chinese and Chinese in China. Consequently, throughout comparing and contrasting the various notions of globalization that Marx and Engels, Appadurai and Frazier argue, we become to recognize globalization as...

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...ance over one another as Marx and Engels state that capitalism removes national borders, industries, and differences while Appadurai argues that cultural globalization maintains essential differences across national borders. Both authors also declare progressive and unproductive effects of this shared cultural globalization as these mention strong and weak points of their arguments. In addition, we become aware of new chaos within cultural globalization by utilizing the concept of globalization in Frazier’s article with Appadurai’s idea of disjuncture flows. Therefore, as we compare and contrast the different perceptions of cultural globalization which Marx and Engels, Appadurai and Frazier present, we effectively identify globalization as resources to reorganize of globalizing not only a controlling entity, but also to comprehend the system of this global culture.

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