Essay on Globalization Brings More Negative Consequences

Essay on Globalization Brings More Negative Consequences

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I believe without a doubt that globalization brings more negative consequences than positive benefits to the world. Poverty is a glaring result of globalization. The real cause of poverty is inequality and injustice (A World Apart, 2007). The American Dictionary of the English Language defines inequality and injustice:
inequality: The condition of being unequal. Lack of equality, as of opportunity, treatment, or status. Social or economic disparity: the growing inequality between rich and poor (Inequality, n.d.).
injustice: Violation of another 's rights or of what is right; lack of justice. A specific unjust act; a wrong (Injustice, n.d.).
Global inequality is caused by the corporate-driven practices and policies of economic globalization - from the uncontrolled and wholesale consumption of the world’s resources by the rich and powerful of the world. According to World Watch Institute (The State, n.d.), “The 12 percent of the world’s population that lives in North America and Western Europe accounts for 60 percent of private consumption spending, while the one-third living in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa accounts for only 3.2 percent”. International aid efforts are important, but without addressing the root of these inequalities, aid is only a temporary fix and will never be an adequate means for ending poverty or reducing the gap between the rich and poor. Oftentimes aid provided to undeveloped countries comes with conditions, such as donor countries requiring, in return, the recipient countries to purchase imports from them, and often at price that is higher than market value. In addition, donor countries tend to give aid to countries from whom the donor country will benefit, and about half of global aid is ‘p...

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...l had not managed to get four-dollar bed nets to poor families. The West spent $2.3 trillion and still had not managed to get three dollars to each new mother to prevent five million child deaths (Aid, 2008).
It is logical that the wealthy and powerful of the world who benefit from global inequality and injustice will seek to sustain the gap that exists between themselves and the exploited poor. And as ineffectual and inept as aid programs can be, I still believe that they are better than no aid at all. However, I believe that the negative consequences of globalization could be controlled. Governments of poorer nations must strengthen their human rights policies and fight internal corruption. Governments of richer nations must honor their agreements to provide unconditional aid. Debt owed to creditor nations by developing nations must be cancelled (Aid, 2008).

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