Essay on Globalization And Its Impacts On Social Conditions

Essay on Globalization And Its Impacts On Social Conditions

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Globalization and its Impacts

This essay will mainly point out on what is globalization and its theories and what effects is it causing on welfare of people and how is it causing effects on social conditions for the population in south in this essay it is about India and Nigeria .
Globalization and Theories

Oxford dictionary (2015) explains that Globalization is the process in which businesses and organizations develop international influence and work in an international scale .The world system theory states there is a class difference within society . So, the wealthiest of society will use the poor parts of society for their own interests. Technology is found in the urban parts and not in rural states so more development takes place in the urban parts of society. However, the rural areas do not get access to technology. This leads to capital accumulation in which all of the capital goes to richer parts of society and leaves the rural parts far behind (Martinez-Vella 2011) . Theory of trans-nationality and trans-nationalism shows the rise of new communities and new identities within people. And , also a rise of social connections across nations. Transnational practices leads to linking of people and communities and different institutions beyond their own nation states that makes people more interconnected to each other. (Robinson 2007)
Effects on welfare

Wall (2011) argues that Globalization has made states lose its sovereignty . Integration of economies has made policy options limited for states . Capitalism has affected the way states run in today 's world . This leads to formation of polices which ...

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... :

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