Globalization And Its Impact On Modern Era Essay

Globalization And Its Impact On Modern Era Essay

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Globalization is the phenomena of increased economic integration among nations characterized by the movement of people, ideas, culture, and resources across borders. This phenomena dates back to the trade routes developed by the Silk Road, as well as those that were discovered by European explorers such as Columbus, Magellan, and Marco Polo. Globalization has been crucial for the development of both individual countries as well as the world as a whole. The conquests and subsequent settlement of new lands with new biological resources, the potential to accommodate transfers of population, crops, and livestock, international trade, as well as technological innovations are all key elements of globalization.
This current era of globalization contains many of the same aspects of globalization that have occurred throughout history. Reduced transportation costs, the opening of new markets—such as Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America—and then worldwide lowering of tariffs all play roles within this modern era. A key difference with current globalization is the revolution in technology and information. In this modern era, the most important issues for Mr. Trump, from a globalization standpoint, are the inevitable rise of China the idea of the modern “Columbian Exchange,” and trade.
China’s steady rise in economic and political influence is the single event that will reshape international politics in the 21st century. Currently, we are witnessing the late industrialization of the world’s most populated country. Even with its various internal challenges, such as the phasing-out one child policy, China has consistently been experiencing a +13% economic growth rate. As China moves to eclipse the United States as the world’s ...

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...lationism. If elected president, Mr. Trump needs to tear down foreign trade barriers and make China and others American competitors play by the rules. As for the topic of currency manipulation, the world economic system should be anchored by stable and cooperative exchange-rate policies. I strongly recommend that Mr. Trump rethink his plan of taxing Chinese exports because if history is any indicator, these Chinese will retaliate with their own tariffs—something that would be devastating for the economy of the United States.
By understanding the history of and trends related to globalization, Mr. Trump will be knowledgeable about the key foreign affairs issues facing the United States. Evaluating key issues in the 2016 election through a globalization standpoint, will greatly improve Mr. Trump’s chances of become the next elected president of the United States.

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