Essay Globalization And Its Effects On Society

Essay Globalization And Its Effects On Society

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Globalization, a word that echoes throughout this century, has its positives and negatives. Valid arguments can be found on either side of the fence.
On one side, the “globalists” who favor globalization and on the other “alter globalization” who oppose it. Those who criticize globalization often make their case for alter-globalization against private sector corporations and financial institutions that take control away from local government--- under the guise of trade agreements in the name of globalization to fuel their own agenda to maximize profits without regard for the people.
Globalization, it’s a word we are familiar with, we studied, used and observed it. It’s a way to exchange resources between nations to advance faster in terms of technology, education and overall quality of life. Recent studies have determined that goods are being consumed with greater intensity than before. This higher consumption level has helped people meet basic needs and create jobs. The alter-globalization activists argue that due to rising consumption the natural resources are being compromised, as private corporations pay no regard to their use, remaining fixated on maximizing their profits. On another note, a major setback is found to be that private corporations are outsourcing work to developing countries to find cheaper labor so that even jobs that are being created are being given away to another country hence affecting the local economy.
Another main concern by the alter globalization is in regards to the loss of traditions and values, as globalization advances rapidly beyond the far edges of the world due to the interactions with different nations and cultures it brings with it. As Rifkin observes “globalization refers to the spread of ...

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...We have seen the various drawbacks of “cultural imperialism” across the globe. But there are benefits as well that cannot be overlooked. Charles, J (2004) mentions that human interaction is inevitable; they tend to seek out each other and trade ideas, products and services and to limit that desire would be futile (In Dollahite & Haun, 2012, p.188). Cultural globalization allows access to new products such as art, education as well as better comprehension of foreign values and clearing misconceptions about different cultures. It has played a major role in improving quality of life.
In my humble opinion whether it be globalists or alter globalists one fact remains true, be it economic, cultural, financial, social or technological globalization, we wouldn’t be at our current stage without the benefits it provides. There are bound to be drawbacks as no system is perfect.

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