Globalization and Interconnectivity Essay

Globalization and Interconnectivity Essay

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Fast Globalization and interconnectivity create the major driving force in creating and enhancing chance. Therefore, the society has to acquire new trends of innovation to prosper in their ways of life. Our community has revolutionized due to the interconnectivity greatly compared to some years back when usage of internet connection did not exist. It has quickly changed our culture, socialization patterns and styles, political and business advancement. Internet has proved itself as a tool to spread news all over the world within a little time period. Physical space transformation according to mankind has been innovative as from historical times. The space was fully discovered as globalization and civilization made more and more locations accessible. Therefore, the time that was required to cover great distances was greatly reduced through the industrial revolution as globalization also lead to urbanization.
Time space compression refers to technological innovations that speed up the time and consequently reduces distance during a given historical moment. This technology change that resulted in space and time cannot be used alone without social change. David Harvey uses the measure in his work to analyze time space compression along with post modemity. David concludes that social change decreases into a “global village’’ in which interconnection plays an important role (Harvey 1990).
“Globalization shrank the world from a vast size to a medium size and it was spearheaded by companies globalizing for markets and labor” (Friedman 2005). This has forced individuals and communities to try to fit in this globalized world. This process has led to society empowerment in different parts of the world creating a very steep competition wher...

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...wants this has also called for increased consumption of energy. Still a lot of demand grows globally as new innovations are discovered creating greater consumption. This situation will create major strains on environmental and energy security which is constantly driven by increased population growth and economic growth. One type of energy greatly used is electricity and more projects are enhanced to promote equal distribution of this resource. Communities will benefit greatly especially in the developing countries thereby rising their standards of living.

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Harvey David; The condition of post modernity. (1990), oxford basil Blackwell

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