Essay about The Globalization And Global Justice

Essay about The Globalization And Global Justice

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In the past decade a series of on-site disasters have occurred at low wage factories across the globe spawning questions about conditions of working atmospheres in developing countries. Incidents like these and other problems have cause many people in the world to begin to assess the globalization of the world and the global justice that comes along with it. It is safe to say that across the world economic and living standards are not the same. Some countries provide adequate economies and living standards, while others barely provide any at all. It is important to look into this issue to give insight into whether or not globalization and global justice are in fact just and noble causes.
Governments and private industries are increasingly beginning to invest time and money into under-developed and developing countries in order to match the changing world situation. Workers in these developing countries are paid less and work under “lax labor standards” (541), which in turn becomes more of a benefit for companies that use them. Although, this topic begins to stray away from just the business side of what is going on in the world, it starts to focus on the moral responsibility of human beings. Yes, using these workers and being able to profit from them is good for the company that exploits it, but is it morally right to let these workers receive less compensation and work under dangerous conditions? For instance, the Walt Disney company stopped producing products in developing countries because of these “lax labor standards” (541), and in turn show “a sense of moral responsibility” (541). This shows that humans obviously begin to realize that they do have a sense of moral responsibility to the human race, not just to the people of...

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...elieve that these organizations are corrupt and do not make decisions that benefit the common man, only those who are in powerful positions that will be the sole benefactors of global economies. One individual has claimed that economic integration is “based on investors rights, with the interests of people incidental” (550). Many of the economic problems across the world come from the countries themselves where political corruption causes the powerful to become rich and the commoners to become even more poor. Even cultural diversity has had an effect. In culmination it is hard to ensure globalization and global justice are seen through and a sum of the difficulty comes from humans themselves and their natural tendencies. The two sides of the spectrum see these two topics are positives and negatives. Only time will tell to see if these ethical problems can be solved.

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