Essay about Globalization - A Two Edged Sword

Essay about Globalization - A Two Edged Sword

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In all aspects of the Universe there are opposite forces that work against each other for good and for bad. In Physics there is cause and effect, in nature death must occur to sustain life, and in Globalization some parties will benefit while others will endure misfortunes. In all of these examples if one aspect is mismanaged it could negatively impact the balance that so closely depends on each other for success. In Globalization these misfortunes are made very apparent if they are mismanaged which could result in deadly consequences. As Dr. Joseph Stiglitz put it in his article Making Globalization Work, “Globalization is a two edged sword”.

How far and how deep will the sword reach?

Many years ago prior to the Global Technology boom, if changes were made to a specific market the impact of the two edged sword could stretch out as far as a neighboring farm, or even perhaps a neighboring state. But, since the introduction of Internet, World trade (Stock Market), and Politics, the depth of the effects of changes in a market and how its Managed travel worldwide. We no longer live in a world that is flat where changes affect individuals. Changes impact Countries directly and can place a Country into poverty, or make them flourish.
In 2007 70% of the developing world directly depends on agriculture as a means of maintain their way of life. What this means is that prior to Globalization certain markets had advantages based on geography, skill level of worker, and competition being low. This allowed undeveloped countries to compete in those specific markets in order to maintain and sustain their way of life with the opportunity to invest in new ventures. With Globalization taking place the “little guys” in the market a...

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...ave and will continue to occur. We as a planet must consider our actions and how they affect others. We can no longer assume that our decision have little effect on the modern world. If we continue to mismanage our Global market which results in countries being unable to heal their medical epidemic, or children dying of starvation, and the poor becoming poorer while rich become richer. I ask this question? When all the people that dwell abroad who are purchasing your products, or are digesting your foods no longer exist, who then will support your market that so happily feels your wallet? We must make changes to ensure humanity continues to succeed as a whole. We must share the wealth so we become less dependent on our resources and become more dependent on each other.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Making Globalization Work W. W. Norton & Company; September 17, 2007

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