Essay on Global Warming Will Not Stop Anytime

Essay on Global Warming Will Not Stop Anytime

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There is no doubt that global warming will not stop anytime soon as carbon has a life of around 100 years and more potent greenhouse gases have even longer lifespan. To counter this is the idea of climate engineering. Climate engineering can be as common sense as planting forests, changes in land use to reflective satellites. The idea of climate engineering is controversial as one of the articles in this paper describes it as “hubris” that we can predict and change the global climate to our liking (Meyer, Uhle, 2015).
The best place to start is with carbon dioxide removal (CDR) because unlike the solar radiation management (SRM) it is the only true long term solution to global warming. The most basic and long term CDR plans are to plant forests, till free fields and biomass storage. Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but if the plants or animal waste is buried then the carbon will be taken out of the system. Planting enough forest and burying enough matter to make any difference would have to be taken on a grand scale but would be cost effective but no immediate effect would happen in terms of CO2 in the atmosphere (Liu, Chen, 2015; Cadeira, Keith, 2010). A more absurd option would be to dump iron in the ocean where tiny organisms build shells that are made with the Iron as well as carbon, reducing the amount of free carbon in the ocean (Ming, et al, 2014). Carbon removal by vegetation and the need for more vegetation is mentioned by all of the articles but also all explain that this might be too little too late. A more controversial carbon removal method is to sprinkle limestone in the ocean which interacts with carbon making it a stable compound as well as adding calcium which increases the water’s abilit...

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...tion and rising GHGs are not addressed and with the immediate effects of climate engineering may go unaddressed leaving the problem worst for future generations.
With all the plans to battle global warming there will be huge international expense to execute and will not be sustainable in the long run. There will be social, economic, and ethical implications if we take these actions as we having never tried to change our climate. The world is split on whether climate engineering is a good idea as China and U.K policy embrace the idea, Germany’s scientist are skeptical and while there is a lot of research happening in the U.S., policy is split (Liu, chen, 2015). Global engineering policies are risky but may be necessary. A preferable and effective option is to first try reducing GHGs and change our land use, then if we have to, use more extreme options.

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