Global Warming On The Polar Regions Essay

Global Warming On The Polar Regions Essay

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Global Warming in the Polar Regions
Ice cores and other evidence of climate conditions in the past provide evidence that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are associated with the rising of global temperatures. Human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels and the clearing of forests have increased the amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere (Union of Concerned Scientists). Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the atmospheric greenhouse gases have increased by an average of about 35% and the average temperature has risen about 0.6 celsius (Live Science). Due to the industrialization and advances in our world, the atmosphere is quickly warming causing the melting of our polar regions, which if not acted upon could cause life threatening consequences on our lives.
Continuing to add carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is predicted is anticipated to lead to powerful changes in the climate including persistent changes in global temperatures. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Panel (IPCC) over the course of a century the average global temperature should shift from 1.4 to 5.8 celsius (Global Climate Change). These predicted climate changes are projected to shift the oceanic circulation patterns, sea level rise and amount of precipitation. With that being said, these changes are predicted to lead to wide ranging consequences including the impacts of coastal communities, plant and animal species,and toxicity of our atmosphere. Action such using more renewable energy, investing in energy-efficient appliances and transforming it energy systems to one that is cleaner and is less dependent on fossil fuels (Union of Concerned Scienti...

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...t into the atmosphere. In order to achieve this we much boost our energy efficiency, green transportation and revive renewable resources (Union of Concerned Scientists).
The damage is done but can be helped if people would open their eyes to the concerning issue of global warming. We all take some responsibility in allowing this to happen to our polar regions. This issue holds a very serious consequence if not acted upon. The warming of our atmosphere is being created right inside and out of our homes and still affects regions thousands of miles away. There is no debate over the benefits of global warming, as no one stands to benefit from a world affected by it. Animals, infrastructure, coastal cities will reap the effects of it as some already are. But if people continue to not recognize and act on this problem it is inevitable that our actions will catch up to us.

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