Global Warming Is The Increase Of The Earth 's Overall Atmospheric Temperature Caused By Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming Is The Increase Of The Earth 's Overall Atmospheric Temperature Caused By Greenhouse Effect

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Dorian Carr
6 July 2016
English 12AA
Senior project: Background paper
Global warming is the increase of the earth’s overall atmospheric temperature caused by greenhouse effect. If you think of how humans have a core body temperature that rises maybe when you have a fever or are exercising that same thing goes for the earth in a way. So keeping that in mind global warming is like me or you being sick but on a planetary scale, at least that’s how I think of it. Earth is sick because of the simple things we do in our everyday life, a lot has to do with the fossil fuel we’ve been burning on a daily bases dating back to the industrial revolution. What these everyday activities are doing to cause the earth’s atmospheric temperature to rise is the high levels of fossil fuels burned by cars, factories, and your lawn mower burn fossil fuel mainly gasoline into CO2 which is released into the atmosphere where it remains blocking heat released by the earth from being let out of the atmosphere. To get a better understanding of earth and global warming we have to start at the very beginning of the theory of global warmings.
Global warming was first suggested by a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius. He was the first to say that fossil fuels increase the atmospheric temperature of the earth and there was some sort of relation between CO2 concentrations and temperature (Weart). To talk about the history of Earth’s surface temperatures we have to go way back. Earth has had natural increases and decreases in the surface temperatures throughout history the most common one know is the ice age. Most people might not know that there were four other times in earth’s history where an ice age has occurred, the biggest of the five glaciations occurre...

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...t it makes us humans more susceptible to diseases, unlucky for us hot temperate also bring mosquitos which carry such diseases like West Nile which is found in Uganda. West Nile was transported by mosquitos over to the Unite State back in 1999 where it was first noticed after it killed seven people in New York (Walsh)

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