Essay on Global Warming Is The Increase Of Earth 's Temperature

Essay on Global Warming Is The Increase Of Earth 's Temperature

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Mr. Sanders

English 235

5, March, 2015

Global Warming

What is global warming? Global warming is Global warming is the increase of earth 's temperature which has been caused by the concentration in greenhouse gasses which are absorbing energy from earth 's surface (Freedman, Et Al.). Since global warming has been an major issue since the late 19th century and it is getting worse, we must act as a nation and as a whole world.

There are problems and warning signs with global warming. The first problem is Glaciers are melting really fast, which this is not good because with all of the melting glaciers are likely to be gone not before long ultimately, this will cause rising sea levels (Freedman,Et al). Another factor in the rising temperature is that the polar bears could easily become extinct because they need to have a temperature that can support them which they just might not get (Global Warming Timeline). With the rising sea level there is also another concern with the polar bears are Polar bears are only able to swim for so long and certain distances. Since the ice is melting there is much longer distances for swimming which polar bears just cant do at all (Consequences of Global Warming). Next there are issues with the ozone layer. The ozone layer is suffering big time there was a 40 percent loss in arctic this past winter, and last winter it was less with a 30 percent so this shows that the ozone layer is suffering more. (Global warming timeline). Also the ozone layer has formed a hole which scientists say that humans are the cause of the hole that formed over Antarctica. (Global wa...

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...just better for our environment as a whole. (“global warming solutions”). For the good of our environment something we can do is to switch to renewable energy sources and not just to rely on coal burning power plants which are very bad for our environment as they release tons of heat trapping gasses into our atmosphere. some of the renewable energy sources are wind turbines which grap energy out of the air from the spinning of the windmills or wind turbines (“Global warming solutions”). Another easy solution that we can make is to stop deforestation in the tropics because by doing this we will cut all of the heat trapping emissions into the atmosphere. also we will get increase in crop production by this (Global Warming Solutions). With all of these problems causes and solutions we can take action as one whole nation to stop global warming for the good of mankind.

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