Global Warming Is Occuring Because of Mankind's Consumption Essays

Global Warming Is Occuring Because of Mankind's Consumption Essays

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Global warming seemed to be a pile of malarkey. After several discussions with a professor I had my first year of college, he had explained how the two scientific experiments that prove this “science” are not repeatable! As a student who is aspiring to become a scientist, global warming claims screamed falsehoods because it breaks the scientific method. However this explanation did not prove how my hunting season is getting less snow, or how river water temperature is increasing. As I entered my sophomore year at a different college I got in debates with climate change favoring friends about the changing atmosphere and found it difficult to articulate my position when they had “facts” that my position could not debunk. My position never really addressed one of their main points: CO2 levels are increasing and it is in relation to human energy consumption. So I began to listen and research the extent of mankind’s damage to the environment with CO2 emissions and how to eliminate the causes since it is our responsibility to take care of our world.
At the Global Warming presentation given by Steven Running, a climatologist at the University of Montana, he explained CO2 gases have risen by 36% since 1958. Other climatologist measure the amount of CO2 in the air is at 400 parts per million (ppm), higher than any one time in the last 650,000 years. “No climatologist wants to test what will arise if CO2 levels drift to much higher than 500 ppm,” said Gary Stix, the Special Projects Editor for the magazine Scientific American. It is predicted that by 2050 we could reach 500ppm unless we use alternate and safe forms of energy. This is concerning because our current CO2 emissions come from fossil fuels that are used to produced 80% of the w...

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...e normal generators do. Because the two opposing fields rotated the cylinders continuously, the generators will generate electricity practically forever, and all that is needed to start the engine is a push!
I asked my old professor about those global warming experiments and he couldn’t explain further on the subject, and when pressed for his sources and he could not back up his claim. My friends that I thought full of nonsense are beginning to make sense now. The earth is not growing, but mankind is growing faster than ever and it is our duty to implement positive changes in our technology to preserve Earth. These things that I found out, from CO2 emissions to renewable energy sources, have tangible evidence and research behind why my hunting and fishing has gotten terrible and why the world is concerned about the climate and its condition in the next thirty years.

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