Global Warming Is Human Activity Or Natural Event And Their Mutual Influence

Global Warming Is Human Activity Or Natural Event And Their Mutual Influence

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Now the situation of global warming has become more and more serious. With the development of industry and the increase of human activities, people begin to think about the relation between human activity and global warming. This paper aims to study a controversial issue that the causation of global warming is human activity or natural event and their mutual influence.

Literature Review:
In the article “Human Influences on Climate Change and Global Warming- A General Overview”, Biplab Das and Dr. Aditya Bandyopadhyay state that human activities have a large impact on global warming and climate change, such as fossil fuels, aerosols, cement manufacture, land use and livestock. The increasing of carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Due to rapid industrialization, urban construction and the extension of human activities, a large amount of CO2 is released in the process. Burning of fossil fuels contribute contributes the most emission of carbon dioxide. After the use of fossil fuels in the early 19th century, the global amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increased 30%, and cause an increase of average temperature on the earth within 1o~2oF. Anthropogenic aerosols will have a cooling effect on the atmosphere. Also, cement manufacture can cause 2.5% of total carbon dioxide emissions because the main ingredient of cement production needs to decompose calcium carbonate into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide by heat. In addition, another factor of human induced climate change is the land use issue, such as irrigation, agriculture, and deforestation, especially the deforestation for grazing land to raise livestock.
Human activities also have an effect on sea level rise. First, people pump too much ground water s...

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...S., Camptell-Lendrum D. and Corvalan C. are different view of climate change. It mainly claim the influence of climate change on people’s health and lives, and some mitigations to reduce climate change.
For my next paper, I plan to investigate the issue of human activities on climate change. I think human activities exactly impact on the earth and the climate. I will investigate some information from the article “Human Influences on Climate Change and Global Warming- A General Overview” by the authors Biplab Das and Dr. Aditya Bandyopadhyay. I believe human activity has an actual negative effect on the climate.
Three articles states three totally different arguments, but their main ideas are about climate change and global warming. Now global warming has become more and more serious in the whole world. People also realize the importance of protecting environment.

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