Global Warming Is An Threat Of The Earth And Future Generations Essay

Global Warming Is An Threat Of The Earth And Future Generations Essay

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Global warming is an increasing threat to the Earth and future generations. Global warming, sometimes called climate change, is the name given to the process of heat getting trapped in the atmosphere and damaging the environment. Greenhouse gases cause heat to gets stuck in the atmosphere by trapping the sun’s rays. When the sun’s rays enter the Earth, they should bounce back into the atmosphere. Instead the gases trap them, causing the temperature to rise. In the past the temperature of the Earth has risen slowly and evenly but recently the temperature has risen faster. The temperature of the Earth has risen at least one degree Fahrenheit during the twentieth century. If global warming is not controlled there are serious consequences. People, animals, and plants could be living in an atmosphere that is not suitable for sustaining healthy lives.
To control climate change and prevent further problems three steps need to be taken. The first step is providing education to everyone about global warming, the next step is to give incentives for people to participate in counteracting global warming, and the last step is to insure lasting change by creating and enforcing laws that will help the environment. By looking at this process it is clear that global warming will not be counteracted unless everyone gets involved and it is made a public issue. It is also clear that global warming is natural and will occur no matter what, it is just a matter of slowing it down and not making the process faster that should be focused on.
First, people need to become educated about the subject of global warming. They need to be informed about what it is and what their role in it is. President Obama stated, in 2014, that he wants to start a Climate A...

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...hey will want to act. Providing education early and in fun ways leaves a lifelong impression and will benefit the Earth’s future. Incentives help people understand what they should be doing. They also help people keep interest in preventing and controlling global warming. Incentives can be as small as recycling to receive fifty dollars or as large as the government offering money to states or businesses. Creating laws would mean that the government is noticing people’s hard work and is trying to help by giving guidelines and making the highest offenders, like corporations and factories, do their part too. Once each of these three steps is achieved a healthier environment could be apart of the future instead of dreams. Each step effects the success of the step after it. Without everyone getting involved global warming could not be controlled as much as it needs to be.

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