Global Warming Is A Myth? Essay

Global Warming Is A Myth? Essay

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Scientists say that, the twelve warmest years that have been recorded all occurred after 1998. What is the cause of all this warmth? It is global warming. Live science contributor, Bradford defines it as, “the gradual heating of Earth 's surface, oceans and atmosphere” (Bradford). Most people think that Global Warming is a myth, but the rising temperatures say otherwise. According to the environmental protection agency, “Earth’s average temperature has risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century” (EPA). The staggering increase in temperatures due to Global Warming can be reduced and eventually stopped if pollution from vehicles was reduced, and if people started relying more on renewable energy.
Initially, Global Warming is a huge problem because there are still people who think it is just a myth made up by scientists to scare people. When one thinks about Global Warming, it is easy to assume that it only affects the United States, but that is far from the truth. It affects every single person, animal, environment and atmosphere on Earth. Even though the United States only makes up 4% of the world population, it produces 25% of the carbon dioxide pollution in the world.
Consequently, if people do not get serious about Global Warming and make changes fast it can cause detrimental problems. The melting glaciers, early snowmelt and severe droughts will increase water shortages in the west, the rising sea levels will lead to coastal flooding, the warmer sea surface temperatures will increase the strength of hurricanes, and disruption of habitat will lead many animals to extinction. It has been difficult to achieve a meaningful solution because of all the misinformation put out by media and social groups. Global Warming is down...

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...ople to drive if there are special circumstances. There will be solar powered buses, and electric powered trains for everyday use of the public. Most people think that Global Warming is something that future generations will have to worry about, and solve someday. However, that someday is now. This generation has the chance to reduce Global Warming, and to create long-term solutions, but this can only be accomplished if everyone is working together. If the temperatures just keep rising, and people do not take steps to solve this problem, there will come a time in the future generation where people would have to abandon homes close to coast lines because of rise in sea levels, and a time where the air that one breaths in will be deadly and everyone would have to start wearing oxygen masks. Today is the day, now is time, to stop the temperatures that just keep rising.

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