Essay on Global Warming in America

Essay on Global Warming in America

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Global Warming in America

There are many problems and solutions to global warming. Scientists have spent years trying to figure out what is causing all of the extreme climate changes that have been going on in the last few decades. They have come to the conclusion that greenhouse gases, and everyday human activities are the two main sources of global warming. However, since the discovery of the source of global warming, researchers have also found many solutions to this worldwide phenomenon.

Scientists have discovered that there are many greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, and humans emit them in all sorts of ways. A big majority of these harmful gases come from the combustion of fossil fuels, factories, and electricity powered industries. The gas responsible for a large amount of global warming is Carbon Dioxide, also known as CO2. Other effective gases include the following: Methane, which is released by large landfills, Nitrous Oxide from fertilizers, industrial production, and mass deforestation. Deforestation is the act in which large amounts of tree’s are harvested. This is a problem in many countries, because the effect of these actions results in the loss of Carbon Dioxide, and if not done right, the loss of natural habitats, that can later cause trouble for the surrounding species.

The outcome of these changes in the climate have become very noticeable. The sea level has been rising resulting in numerous tsunamis, hurricanes, and flooding. In 2011, rainfall in Ohio was 300 percent of the normal, flooding the Mississippi River, and resulting in nearly three billion dollars in damage along with 7 deaths. In the Midwest, storms that normally resulted in only three inches of rain have doubled in the las...

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...o cut down on harmful gases that pollute the Earths atmosphere. With healthier, and larger forests, Trees can store all of the Carbon Dioxide that is being produced. These plans will have their drawbacks, but it will give different communities a chance to decide how they will power their lives.

With Global warming comes many problems that can affect our everyday lives. Though with these problems comes many solutions. As humans, we are naturally the source of Global Warming and greenhouse gases. But things will only continue to get worse, if the citizens of Earth continue to do nothing. To stop the devastating fate that Global Warming has in store for us, we must take a stand and do what we can to prevent it. Changing the way we farm, harvest, produce things in factories, and dispose of things can get us one step closer to making the world a better place.

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