Global Warming : Health, Oceans, And The Greenhouse Effect Essay

Global Warming : Health, Oceans, And The Greenhouse Effect Essay

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Global Warming

Global warming pertains to a number of things when it comes to mind and the most talked about issues are funding, health, oceans, animals, and the greenhouse effect. People argue over global warming everyday because some people think it is naturally occurring and other people think it is because of all of the things people do in the environment that cause it. Funding and health have a more direct correlation together because people need funding for their projects to find solutions and the other four have more in common to each other as well because it has more to do with the environment. All of the issues at hand are extremely important when dealing with global warming, but health is number one when it comes to ranking them because as humans we want to keep ourselves alive above everything else. Global warming has stakeholders that really care about this issue and they share their opinions in a variety of ways that people read about to get a better grasp of the situation at hand.
When talking the about the greenhouse effect, some gases are trapped in Earth’s atmosphere instead of being radiated back into space, which causes the Earth’s temperature to rise. Burning fossil fuels releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 650 thousand years ago, carbon dioxide levels were thirty percent less than they are now. Deforestation takes away the plants that absorb the carbon dioxide, which adds to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and hurts the environment. People can help with this issue by planting more trees and planting a garden, which will take carbon dioxide from the air instead of letting it effect us. The greenhouse effect is an issue people overtime have argued about because cho...

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...ll. They share what they have learned with other companies by leading them in the business community. Also, they use “green chemistry” that inspires better choices in design of products and encourage our manufacturers to find better alternatives.
Global warming has proved to be an extremely important issue in the world and according to these stakeholders, will effect the environment in a negative way if we do not do anything about it. They have all tried to improve what they are doing and find a solution to the problem instead of some companies that are funded by taxpayers and do not get anything accomplished. The health of the population will be affected if people do not stop being inefficient with their chemicals according to the authors of these articles. The impact of global warming will always have an effect on somebody unless everybody does something about it.

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