Global Warming Co2 Emissions And What Is Being Done? Essay

Global Warming Co2 Emissions And What Is Being Done? Essay

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Global Warming Co2 Emissions and What is being Done?
Global warming in general is bad because this has an effect on the environment, climate, ecosystem, and especially humans. After hearing this fact, you’re probably thinking how this is happening? The reason why there’s global warming is because there are some factors that are obvious to point out that contribute to the cause, such as having an excess amount of Co2 being released into the atmosphere, and forests being chopped down for agricultural use or for lumber. This is mostly human’s fault for creating this global warming and having such high levels of Co2 emissions would cause this effect on the environment. Now there is the question on what is being done about controlling global warming and how to reduce this, so that we don’t cause any more damage to the planet. There are many ideas that are being used today for helping the environment and sometimes laws being passed in order to move forward on a clean environment. Some people disagree with the fact that there is global warming and simply do not want to admit this. In my paper I will talk about how our government and international government is working on ways to reduce the level of Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.
What is being done internationally is that the United Nations has the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which they had released five assessment reports on how strong climate change is affecting our global environment, economy, and society if people don’t take action soon. The UN foundation is making sure to spread this news about global warming all over the world along with what must be done about it. With the help of UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon and World Bank president Jim Kim; they launched th...

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... the bad air quality from the CO2 being released from the power plants. Now Fox News, on the other hand mainly pointed out the bad points of the Clean Power Plan like how this plan will only hurt the coal industry and how the energy rates for the consumers are going to be expensive.
An important lesson from reading many different articles on how our government or the international government is handling global warming is that it’s a mix between handling the problem and then ignoring it leaving it unsolved. Here is a question that’s some people think about. Why is there a problem about accepting that the fact that there is a really huge movement on cleaning our planet from pollution and people are willing to deny that there is no problem with our planet at all? This really depends on how much people are willing to help contribute the movement of having a clean planet.

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