Essay on Global Warming : Causes, Effects, Effect, And Solutions

Essay on Global Warming : Causes, Effects, Effect, And Solutions

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Al Gore says global-warming skeptics are a group diminishing almost as rapidly as the mountain glaciers. ( Michael Shnayerson) Global warming is the gradual rise of the Earth 's surface temperature thought to be caused by the greenhouse effect. Today I will be discussing with you a growing environmental issue known as global warming including its cause, effect, and solutions. First I will explain what causes global warming. Then I will highlight the effects of global warming. As a final point, I will discuss different solutions for it. I would like to begin by informing you what causes global warming.
II. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming. The evidence is overwhelming that the Earth 's surface is warmer today than it was a century ago. As for why this is so, research by thousands of scientists strongly suggests that the cause is the largely uncontrolled and still increasing release of anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gases. (Jordan, Stuart) A meteorological consultant argues that human-caused CO2 emissions are not impacting global temperatures. "Keep in mind that CO2 represents 0.0395% of the Earth 's atmosphere. Arguing that CO2 is driving the small temperature variations in our climate as opposed to the oceans, which cover 70% of the planet and have 1,000 times the heat capacity of air, or the output of our sun, is scientifically disturbing." Some people argue that there aren 't consistencies in climate science, and that carbon dioxide emissions cannot be solely attributed to global warming. "Repetition of a fib does not make it true. As one of many pieces of evidence that our climate is doing what it always does, consider the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm...

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...e of the upper stratosphere and so that reflected away some cool the planet back down to, say, its original temperature by adding sulfuric acid to the stratosphere." (TED Radio Hour
Now that you understand global warming it may seem possible for us to reverse the effects of global warming. Today, I have emphasized certain points of global warming, including its causes, effects, and solutions. I have discussed with you what causes global warming. I have also shared with you some of the current effects of global warming. Finally, I have informed you of some solutions to reduce it. Hurricanes, heat waves, flooding, and droughts stirred some fears in global-warming skeptics and corporate allies that used to mock global warming--such as Detroit 's Big Three automakers and oil giant Texaco--have, like the glaciers, melted away from the fight.

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