Global Warming : Causes And Mitigation Essay examples

Global Warming : Causes And Mitigation Essay examples

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Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
Climate change can be attributed to both natural and anthropogenic factors. I think that most scientists agree that there are natural causes to climate change. This is proven by the sun, greenhouse effect, and reflectivity. The natural cycle orbital variations of the Sun initiate global warming. This then triggers the release of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and methane (Hilderman, 2011). These gases intensify the orbital warming. So, the natural climate cycle occurs because of orbital changes and greenhouse gases. “These natural cycles have been occurring for millions of years long before humans entered the picture (Hilderman, 2011).” The greenhouse effect is the he exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that warms the Earth (Lallanila, 2015). The greenhouse effect, combined with increasing levels of greenhouse gases and the resulting global warming, is projected to have profound consequences (Lallanila, 2015).
“Anthropogenic climate change refers to the production of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity (Anthropogenic Climate Change, n.d.).” This has been proven by the examination of polar ice cores. “Scientists are convinced that human activity has increased the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has skyrocketed over the past few hundred years (Anthropogenic Climate Change, n.d.).” “The IPCC, Fourth Report released in 2007 stated that, multiple lines of evidence confirm that the post-industrial rise in greenhouse gases does not stem from natural mechanisms (Anthropogenic Climate Change, n.d.).” If global warming continues to be ignored and unchecked, it will cause significant climate change, a rise in sea levels, increasing ocean acidification, extreme...

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...fely and securely store the carbon dioxide.
In order to stabilize global climate, policy changes should be focused on ensuring energy stability, efficiency and saving as well as the transport and energy division investment in climate changes. The policy changes would be directed toward improving the overall environmental quality of the world through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The transport, energy, and manufacturing industries would be the sectors to focus on in order to make a difference in global climate change. The industries are the ones that contribute the most to the greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. Global warming will continue to increase as it remains ignored and unchecked. There will be significant climate change, a rise in sea levels, increasing ocean acidification, extreme weather events and other severe natural and societal impacts.

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