Essay on Global Warming Caused By The Burning Of Fossil Fuels

Essay on Global Warming Caused By The Burning Of Fossil Fuels

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Most people in the world have heard about global warming, but not many seem to consider it a serious issue. In fact, many do not even consider it to be a real issue. However, global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels is a legitimate and urgent threat. Investments towards the research of alternative energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, should be encouraged to curb the world’s harmful dependency to fossil fuels. The production of CO2 from fossil fuel burning is warming up the planet, endangering the earth 's biodiversity, and polluting the air.
The burning of fossil fuel causes temperatures to rise. The planet makes use of many gases to retain the warmth received from the sun. This process is called the “greenhouse effect.” In the article “Curbing Climate Change,” Colin Woodard explains that, “Greenhouse Gases (GHG) occur naturally and include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.” However, some of the greenhouse gas levels are rising at a very accelerated rate, CO2 in particular. As the planet’s main source of energy, fossil fuel is consumed on an enormous scale every day. Its burning produces CO2, which traps in radiation and warms up the planet. Scientists have noticed that since the Industrial Revolution, when the burning of fossil fuel increased to large scale levels, the planet 's average temperature has increased by more than 0.6 degrees Celsius (Woodard). Some may say that the planet has always gone through climate changes. While that is true, temperatures have not changed this fast in such a short amount of time, and definitely not due to the increased levels of CO2, as scientists are convinced.
Moreover, the effects of higher temperatures go much beyond just warmer weath...

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...rld collapse. Yes, the damage has been done, but it is not too late to control the situation and not let it become worse.
Global warming is a real and serious issue. The effects of a high concentration of CO2 such as rising temperatures, air pollution, and the endangerment of biodiversity can still be controlled, but action needs to be taken. Global warming affects every single being on the planet. For that reason, nations need to make the fight against the rising temperatures a priority. The research of alternative energy sources must be treated as the urgent need that it actually is. Adopting clean energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy, will remedy the disastrous effects caused by fossil fuel burning. With help, the planet will recover and future generations will not have to try to survive in a debilitated world caused by their ancestors’ negligence.

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