Essay about Global Warming By Burning Fossil Fuels

Essay about Global Warming By Burning Fossil Fuels

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Global Warming by Burning Fossil Fuels and Alternated Means of Energy
The primary way humans are causing global warming is by burning fossil fuels and releasing large amounts of carbon. The rapidly increasing amounts of carbon in the atmosphere, is leading to greenhouse effect. The atmosphere carbon dioxide levels have been increasing at a fast rate since the industrial revolution.
The increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other gases has the effect of changing the global climate back to a point of time when they were sequestered. This was characterized by higher than average global temperatures’ and higher sea levels. The excessive paces in which the temperatures’ are changing are having addition impacts on the planet. The period of time is drastically shorter in context to the global climate and is not much more than a generation for some species to adapt to the climate such a rapid pace.
The long term effects of fossil fuel use on the global climate will result in a drastic increase in temperatures and arise in our sea levels. With sea levels rising it is putting thousands of coastal cities, like Venice, Italy and whole islands at risk of being claimed by the ocean. With global warming, come more typhoons, storm and hurricanes. The effects from these storms can be devastating to communities. Also, as temperature rise, ice melts causing sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels result in higher amount of storm surges even from small category storms.
The Arctic and Antarctic ice caps melt away over the years, sea levels will rise. When the Arctic ice caps melt away then the animals will not have a home. There a species that can only survive in freezing temperatures such as polar bears and penguins. The polar bear is a mar...

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...t back into space.
There is scientific proof that humans are the primary cause of global warming. Global warming will never stop, but humans can take the necessary steps to help reduce the speed. I do not doubt that there are some natural effects of global warming, such as natural forest fires that release emissions or the chemicals that are released from volcano eruptions. Educating future generations on the effects of global warming is the best way to help reduce to rapid speed.
In the first half of the 2oth century temperatures’ have raised because of the increase in the levels of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere as well as the changes in the amount of energy given from the sun. Individuals and communities need to take the necessary steps to help decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere to help decrease the speed of global warming.

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