Essay on Global Warming and Natural Oceanic Conditions

Essay on Global Warming and Natural Oceanic Conditions

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Coral reefs face considerable threats and impacts caused by global warming and local effects that alter the natural oceanic conditions, warned Eric Jordan Dahlgreen, of the Institute of marine sciences and Limnology (ICMyL) of the UNAM.

Depending on the region of the planet, the hazards to organisms that make up coral communities change in relative importance. However, regardless of the cause, if the conditions are drastically transformed, the environment is not favorable for the growth and reproduction of corals, said researcher of the academic unit of Puerto Morelos.

Globally, the most relevant risks derive from climate change caused by human development, in particular by the emission of greenhouse gases.

This results in heating of the atmosphere and the surface layers of the sea, with negative impact on corals: heat stress, acidification of the sea and increase in the frequency and magnitude of cyclones. There are other consequences of local pollution and enrichment with nutrients from the water.

Currently, we analyze the implications of emerging diseases in populations of key corals, which are both of ocean warming, and pollution. Apparently the loss of quality of environmental conditions also results in a depletion of its immune resistance, which increases susceptibility to infection by pathogenic bacteria, it was reported.

At the local level, the most important conditions are known as white diseases, for the speed with which wipe out the tissue, leaving only the skeleton, and the yellow band, that attacking the zooxanthellae - symbionts of indispensable corals to build the reefs--is fatal for agencies.

They are considered emerging diseases because they were common, with a limited population effect. Today, they are epi...

... middle of paper ...

...als covered. In this sense, the works of transformation of the coast are dangerous, he warned.

In the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean joins the presence of invasive species such as the lionfish (Pteroirs volitans), which comes from the Pacific Ocean, a very competitive environment, but in the Caribbean, it has few natural predators.

By overfishing exterminamos groupers and barracudas, large, its natural hunters. Thus, it is encourage the consumption of this variety, which could decrease that pressure.

Future, the impacts of the changes brought about by global warming and human actions, changes the relative importance of the species to the inside of coral communities.

The modification of the conditions will mean the pre-eminence of other agencies, not the disappearance of coral reefs. Ecological cycles involve these transformations and not the total destruction.

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